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“Waterlocking Engineer.”
Terroseal is an elastomeric, flexible single pack waterproofing membrane made out of 100% pure
acrylic polymers. Hair line cracks on walls and terrace can easily be filled by Terroseal. It’s smooth
and sheen finish adds to the aesthetic look unlike other waterproofing products. When applied on
exterior walls and on terrace, it gives excellent water proofing. Because of its off white basic colour,
and It looks better than other commercially available water proofing products. Its bonding with any
surface is so well practically. It is scrub resistant and cannot be removed by day to day use.
Terroseal is a time tested formula to protect house in rainy season.

“An eco-friendly waterproofing paste.”
Terroseal Water Proofing Paste is blend of lime and acrylic polymers. It can be applied by brush or
trowel. This is a lime based system for waterproofing of concrete and masonry through the crystallization
process. When it is applied to a concrete surface the active chemicals combine with the free lime and
moisture present in the capillary tract, to form insoluble crystalline complexes. These crystals block the
capillaries and minor shrinkage cracks in the concrete to prevent any further water ingress (even under
pressure). In addition to waterproofing the structure it protects the concrete against sea water, waste
water, aggressive ground water and certain chemical solutions.
Packaging: 1, 5 & 10 Kg

Terroza Crack Filler

“Zindagi bedaraar.”
Terroza Crack Filler is composed of high quality weather durable acrylic emulsion polymers with high 
repellent silicon & reinforcement fibres. This is a single pack, ready to use flexible crack filler for filling
the cracks in plastered surfaces because it has excellent bonding, ease of application, water resistance
aesthetic appearance & durability. It is formulated by our team using quality assured raw material and
in appropriate composition for interior and exterior crack filling.
Packaging: 1 & 3 Kg


“Topcoat with Waterlocking, Primer & Insulation – 3 in 1 properties.”
Terrocoat is an inexpensive and long lasting solution to protect the surface from water, heat &
cold. It gives a new & fresh look to your home. It can be used on exterior & interior surface of the
building. It can be applied as a protective and decorative coat on freshly plastered walls. The use
of Terrocoat gives a perfect water barrier and it can be used with any paint stainer to get desired
Packaging: 1, 10 & 20 Ltrs

“Priceless care for buildings.”
Terroseal Building Guard is a water-based high performance water repellent compound. It forms a
hydrophobic barrier beneath the surface and seals out moisture while remaining highly vapour
permeable. The visual appearance of the treated surfaces will show nominal or no change resulting
from product application. The benefits include enhanced resistance to efflorescence, freeze thaw
damage, cracking and spalling. Cured system is resistant to ultraviolet light and may be used as a
sealer for surface coatings. It does not produce a surface film or impair the natural breathing
characteristics of treated surfaces.
Packaging: 1, 5 & 20 Litre

Terroza WPC

“Best ever water proofing compound.”
Terroza Water Proofing Compound is a mineral admixture in dry powdered form which is specifically
formulated to provide long-term protection in concrete masonry units, masonry mortar and rendering/
plastering mortar. It reacts with moisture in fresh concrete and with by product of cement hydration to
cause a catalytic reaction which generates a non soluble crystalline formation throughout the pores and
capillary tracts of the concrete. Thus the concrete becomes permanently sealed against the penetration
of water or liquids from any direction. The concrete is also protected from deterioration due to harsh
environmental conditions.
Packaging: 20 Kg


“Multi purpose adhesive.”
Terrocol is a revolutionary water resistant multipurpose adhesive with excellent bonding strength. It is
highly recommended by experts for bonding Woods, Laminates, Plywood, Veneer, Hardboard, MDF
etc. It is so easy to apply that even non-experienced carpenters can work with it comfortably. Terrocol
is also useful in paper industries, textiles, book binding etc.
Packaging: 1 & 3 Kg

“Waterlocking admixture for concrete.”
Terroseal LM is specially formulated integral liquid waterproofing compound composed of surface
active plasticising agents, polymers & additives. It is used as a binder for cement mortars and
cementitious coatings, plasters and admixtures with good flexural strength, impact resistance and
non-cracking character. It makes concrete cohesive and prevents segregation.
Packaging: 200 ml, 1, 5, 10 & 20 Litre

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